“The work currently being done in Thunder Bay on adaptation and community sustainability is impressive and can serve as an example of progressive municipal governance.”
― Dan Sandink, Institute of Catastrophic Loss Reduction

The City of Thunder Bay is emerging as a leader of climate change adaptation in the region and has the opportunity to build on the great work accomplished to date to become a climate-ready City.
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Climate change is an unpredictable phenomenon with implications that cross political and physical boundaries and traditional disciplines. The challenge, therefore, requires a combination of collaboration and adaptive learning that is unprecedented.

The City will need to continue to build collaborative relationships to achieve its goals and begin to implement priority actions as it moves into Milestones Four and Five. In doing so, staffing, resources, and governance will need to be considered and allocated so that Thunder Bay is successful in meeting its vision.

The City of Thunder Bay has shown leadership in recognizing the impacts of climate change and making a commitment to continue to adapt to them. By planning to reduce vulnerabilities, increase resilience, build on existing strengths, and minimize the severity of the emerging impacts of climate change on the Corporation, the City of Thunder Bay can become climate-ready. Implementing this Climate Adaptation Strategy serves to do just that.

Everyone has a role to play to make our community climate-ready. Help spread the word about climate change adaptation.

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